Our team, primarily comprised of architects, tries to consider the design process as a multidisciplinary research and chain of discoveries. Each design process starts with in-situ observations and the study of international practice followed by systematized experiments, which eventually turns into a system-organism of technical systems.

Considering architecture as, foremost, social science, society’s perceptions of space are much more important for our team than the remaining manifestations thereof. Components of space comfort, safety and aesthetics are derived from the responsibility of programming quality environment for the community and are based on the fundamental ideas of stability and preservation of the environment. 

Our task in the design is not to surprise people, rather to try to create such an environment wherein our intervention will, after a while, be perceived as if “it was always there”. Thanks to re-evaluation of the local memory and historically formed spontaneous environments, in our design processes we try to plan the long journey of permanent but transforming space and urbanization.

Appraising especially technical solutions and the details required for comfort, regardless of the inclusion of our design - be it a new town or a temporary pavilion - we make, with the same rapturous readiness, friends with our clients and future beneficiaries.