Our social architectural engagement is a team activity. Every project is implemented based on the professional knowledge and experience of a variety of people, as a result of long-term and comprehensive discussions, debates and justifications. Though every project has an assigned architect-in-charge, research-based design activities are also centered on the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas, hence we consider the teamwork to be the guaranty of a productive and inspirational result, besides being an opportunity of spending nice time (although we love that part too).


Irina Merdinyan, Senior Architect

Irina holds M․S․ in Architecture from National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. As a senior student, Irina worked for a number of architectural offices gaining her first professional experience. After graduation she worked as a project manager for a company mainly specialized in interior design. Throughout 10 years of professional experience she has carried out several individual and team projects in different spheres including social, civic, public service and residential․ In addition to the implementation of abovementioned projects, Irina can easily find a language with any type of character, hence you will never face any problem integrating into our team.


Hovhannes Baghjyan, Architect

In 2009-2013 he studied at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, received a B.A. degree, then studied at the Moscow State University of Architecture. Returning, he received M.S. and Ph.D. in Architecture in National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. He worked in several architectural offices, then was the senior architect for many years. Throughout 10 years of professional experience, he has designed various public and residential buildings. Apart from architecture, he is also interested in photography and martial arts, in recent years particularly in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Gagik Khachartyan, Architect

Gagik has graduated from National University of Architecture and Construction and joined our team as an associated architect. Prior to that, he participated in preparation of various projects, and coordinated the "Reviving NPAK" architectural competition organized by urbanlab. Apart from the architecture, he has interest in technologies and geospatial science.


Nvard Ghambaryan, Associated Architect

Nvard has graduated from National University of Architecture and Construction in 2019․ She will complete her master’s degree this year. In 2020 she completed one semester Architectural and design program At Polytechnica University of Milan. As a senior student, she worked for several architectural offices gaining her first professional experience, as well as she was member of different cultural NGOs. Apart from  architecture, she is interested in cooking and traveling.


Artur Melkonyan, Structural Engineer

He holds M.S. and Ph.D. from National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and received a degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in 2009 and has 5 inventions. He started his professional activity in 2006 as a design engineer. He is the co-author of a number of structures that are operated both in Armenia and abroad. He has experience in designing unique working structures, the height of which exceeds 180 m. Arthur thinks that the implementation of interesting and unique projects is still ahead, as he likes to set challenging problems for himself and for us and to solve them.


Lena Matevosyan, Office Manager

Lena holds B.A. in International Relations from Yerevan State University. In 2016-2017 she worked in the Government of the Republic of Armenia as a foreign relations specialist, in 2018-2019 assistant to the Head of the Cadastre Committee. In 2017, she completed a one-year Erasmus+ program in Germany, living and studing in Wurzburg, Bavaria. Her main fields of interest аre foreign and domestic policy, and currently she’s studying at Yerevan School of Political Studies.


Who previously collaborated with us․

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